Meeting ‘The One’

Isn’t this everyone’s dream? Even the guys who sleep around and have no plans of changing too hope that one day they will find that ‘good girl’ after they have turned so many good girls to bad girls, it’s alright ooo. But really what do people imagine as the one, most people would mention all the physical attributes they want in a partner but my dear it’s not like that o.

Firstly to find the ONE you must talk to God and hear from Him first especially if you have someone you’re considering. Secondly, know yourself, if I ask someone now who are you? A lot of people would tell me I am a temperamental person, I’m a fun-loving person, I don’t like to be criticized etc etc while that is fine is that who you really are or what people say you are? while you ask yourself who you are you have
to include your future goals and ambitions also who you hope to be in the nearest and far future; I’m definitely not who I was two years ago, while I still have some of the attributes I had then, I have however evolved a lot through the years which is normal but we don’t even realise it.

Conduct a deep evaluation of yourself, know who you truly are and what you hope to become and write it down, make it a list; after that make another list of things you can never tolerate or manage in a person, it might even be in the person you’re dating, make a list of the characteristics you absolutely hate and cannot imagine yourself living with and ask yourself if you can tolerate it for the rest of your life because marriage is till death part you o. if you are a clingy person and you crave constant attention ( like me lol) don’t go and start dating a naval officer that will be gone for 1 year or more ooo, If you know you don’t want long distance marriage, Also included in the list should be your personal ambitions, if your ambitions don’t go hand-in-hand with the prospective partner, you should re-consider; For example, if you’re an ambitious woman, with your career all planned out don’t go and marry a man that says he doesn’t like his wife working, don’t go and say he’s joking or I will change his perspective, some men see marriage as a way to trap their women.

At the end of the day “the one” is the person God has made for you, the person you’re most compatible with and the person you would be able to blossom together, your one isn’t going to fall from Heaven (we already did when we were conceived lol) so find that person that’s in the same boat with you so you can grow together and not collide all the time. So that’s it o! Most people imagine their one to be this perfect person, yes they would be perfect but perfect for just you!

So before looking for the one please find yourself first, know who you truly are and who you want to be and also how you intend getting there, A lost soul can’t be searching for a soulmate nah, you have to be a soul with a purpose so you can find a mate that is a companion to be by your side and you proceed through life.

Also you must not just think of now but also the future, this basicallygoes hand-in-hand with finding someone In the same boat as you, If you are just thinking of now, oh he’s so handsome, she’s charming, he has a great body my dear all these things would not satisfy you forever even being charming can’t be all the time, trials and tribulation would come and you would see another side to your partner you have to watch them carefully.

Even after you see that the person possesses all the attributes that go in sync with you, still observe! People are so great at pretending but by the grace of God they would be unable to pretend for so long. A person might appear to be right for you now but might not be right for you forever

Most importantly don’t compromise, things you know you can’t stand in the long run, don’t try, for example some people can live with a stingy person while others (like me) cannot Don’t be thinking oh he/she would change later, don’t take that chance.

Before even considering anyone please talk to God first, He knows it all! Only God can really direct us, prayer is truly the master key, indulge in it and you will receive bountiful results.


14 thoughts on “Meeting ‘The One’

  1. Very good Darle, I hardly read but I started and just kept going… Nice style, may God continue to give you words that will direct confused minds. Bless.


  2. Dale this is sooo good and educative as well… Especially the part about knowing who you are and figuring out what you cannot deal with in long term.


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