Faith Dwindling

There’s this fire that burns within your spirit the minute you give your life to Christ, you crave the word of God, you want to be active in God’s service, your character changes, you start acting differently etc. However, if this fire isn’t sustained by the fuel of God which is the word of God, it dwindles. I am a perfect example of this. For various Christians the time frame varies, I remember the lyrics of a song that says “fill me afresh Lord” which means Christ followers experience this at one point in their lives or the other.

Mine happens when I’m frustrated or tired of things, when I face temptations, I almost forget I’m born again and the way I revert is almost amusing, it starts with my mind, I find myself thinking “wouldn’t it just be easier to revert to my old ways and since I know God can’t give up on me, I’ll come back later” it’s really funny now that I think about this and honestly this is the thought of many Christians going astray, we feel God will always be there but we forget we have limited time, and let’s not forget that God has feelings too and that even in Heaven there would be categories of crowns andmansions.

I used to wonder about people who give their lives to Christ at the dying minute, when they’re about to die and I think how lucky they are, I even find myself begging for forgiveness when I feel like I’m about to die (like one time when I had food poisoning loool) then I realized that we have assignments that can ONLY be fulfilled on earth and there are rewards for fulfilling these assignments in Heaven. Revelation 22:12

I imagine that if you don’t fulfil them on earth and you do eventually make it to Heaven you probably would just have a normal flat in Heaven LOL, I don’t know I’m just guessing because Jesus said He’s going to prepare a mansion for us and He didn’t say anything about His lazy, dormant followers.

It is never just enough to give your life to Christ, there is much work to be done. Giving your life to Christ is the first step after which God reveals the purpose He created you for.

Sometimes the task ahead of us seems overwhelming and impossible, which why some Christians give up, I know I feel this way sometimes, but remember there is simplicity in Christ and His burden is light, 2 Corinthians 11:3 says “But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ”. A trick of the devil is making people think being in Christ is hard and almost impossible when there is simplicity and peace of mind in Christ; sometimes I look back and wonder why I did most of the things I used to do before, why I felt they were so impossible to live without.

Think about it, when you walk hand-in-hand with your creator, He reveals clearly to you what you were created for, what you were designed and shaped for; you begin to function effectively, you start to fulfil purpose and doing what you were made for is never hard. Sometimes going for our purpose in life is the biggest risk we could ever take because most times it seems like a whole lot, but really our biggest fear should be living life NOT doing what we were created for.

Whenever we feel our fire in Christ dying within let’s remember  (1) it’s not about us, it’s always about God Revelation 4:11  (2) We will be rewarded according to our work  Revelation 22:12  (3) the story of the servant with one talent. Matthew 25:14-30

God watches us constantly, He is with us ALL THE TIME regardless of if we feel like He’s not there or even when we feel lonely; I remember recently when I felt like the world was on top of my head, I felt so pressured, I felt there was absolutely nothing for me to be happy about, I felt hopeless, after just speaking to God about how I felt, my mum came in and encouraged me without her even knowing how I felt and I felt better all of a sudden. So many instances when I felt like there was no hope and God always found a way to encourage me, through people or any means. He cares for you more than you can imagine. Sometimes I tell God “I know you’re here but I want something more physical” and truly God would send someone for me to talk to almost immediately.

He is right there with you, I know sometimes we might not feel it but He is and above all remember you’re His creation and your ONLY duty is to please Him.


3 thoughts on “Faith Dwindling

  1. So refreshing. Always remember ‘ the battle is not for the strong , nor the race to the swift, everything depends on God’s mercy’ ( Hebrew 4:3)


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