The Sin You Struggle With

God of new beginings

I know this is probably the biggest challenge of the race to Heaven. You can meet all the criterion but just that one sin that easily besets you, that takes you back to square one. If I told you, you can live above that sin, would you believe me?One of mine was pornography, I didn’t even realize I was addicted to it, till I found myself watching it at least once a week. Afterwards, I would feel disgusted with myself, I would hate myself for falling yet again. I wanted to stop! I didn’t want to continue like that but what I didn’t realize then was I couldn’t do it on my own.

When I gave my life to Christ truly and truly, the bondage was broken, yes it was a bondage. I didn’t even remember that I once couldn’t go weeks without watching porn. I was finally free, free in Christ. I didn’t even have to pray about it because once the Holy Spirit dwells in you, sin cannot abide in you.

Other things that I have been freed from but I remembered this in church and I thought to share. You might think your addiction is greater and that you’re in too deep but let me tell you there is absolutely nothing JESUS cannot do once you let Him in.  Those days, I would go months without watching and then one day I would relapse and go back right into it. But once I let the greatest therapist into my life, He freed me completely and made me whole in Christ. There is nothing God cannot do, there’s no sin He can’t wipe off, come to Him today and let Him set you free!

I just want to encourage someone today, no matter how dirty or undeserving you think you are, Jesus loves you and is just readily waiting for you to come to Him. If I begin to mention all the things my maker has saved me from, I won’t leave here today or tomorrow or ever (literally). It’s by His grace I can share this, I used to be ashamed of this but now I realize this is part of my victories, my imperfect life made perfect and beautiful by His love.

What’s that sin? What’s that thing you do? Surrender to God today and He will save you, in fact He has saved you already on the cross, He’s just waiting for you to walk in realization of this victory.


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