A Love Letter

Gods Love

Hmmmn I’ve never seen love like this before, you created me just for your pleasure and purpose, you could have made me any beast of the earth but you chose to create me in your own image!! What have I done to deserve such?Absolutely nothing. Not only that, you also created me with PURPOSE so unique that no one else in the entire universe is exactly like me, you made me so unique that only I can fulfil the purpose to which you have created me. Like Rick Warren said, my parents might not have planned me but you definitely planned me because you’re a purposeful God and everything about you is purpose and absolutely everything exists for your pleasure.

When I think of the evil that I have done, I cringe, I wonder how in spite of it all you still called me into your marvellous grace, You said “Come home and let me give your rest” you comfort me, you rock me like a baby and you feed me, nurture me and your spirit enables me grow. Oh how I love you, life without you is absolutely meaningless, I can’t imagine existing without you being there. I wonder how the Israelites survived the days you were angry with them because I wouldn’t be able to.

As much as you hate sin, you still loved and died for me while I was in sin, what boundless love. What inexplicable love you have. You know even know every single strand of hair that falls off my body and every pain I feel, you feel it too. You know me more than I could ever know myself, your love for me is unending and unparalleled.

How can I begin to describe your power, your strength and yet your compassion. How can you be so powerful and yet so kind?! How?! You are incomprehensible and you only reveal yourself to whom you choose.


Oh How I love you Father, what is life without you? How would I get up every morning? What hope would I have? Just knowing that after this cruel and wicked world is passed I would spend eternity with you, gives me so much joy!! Even when I didn’t care so much that you were there, you still loved me. When I crucified you again and again by my actions, you still longed for my return. I cannot even stop, If I continue till the end of the world and even till eternity, it can never, ever be enough.

Even if all of creation rises and praises you, like even if every single thing you created in heavens and earth rises to glorify you, it can never match your worth! My goodness you are beyond awesome, words aren’t even enough to describe you. I just want you to know Lord that from the deepest of the deepest part of my heart, I LOVE YOU.

What’s your love letter to God? Just take a moment to consider everything that has happened right from the moment you were born. Imagine being born thousands of years ago as a gentile, devoid of God’s presence, how would you live knowing you aren’t worthy of God’s love? But in His infinite mercies, He created you at a time like this when His son paid the price so we could all be called sons of God. I honestly do not know a greater gift than this.



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