Old Things Passed Away 2

Hello people! Hmmn a lot has been happening and I have had a lot to think about these past few weeks. Ever advised someone on several issues and then you go ahead in your personal life to do the exact opposite of all the advices you gave? Yep that’s what’s happened to me.
Sometimes as a Christ follower, I always feel like I’m not acting “born again enough” I want to change immediately, I want a stranger to see me and say “yes! That babe must be born again”, but the more I try to grow in Christ, the more I realize it’s a gradual process and it takes deliberate effort.

I feel like I had a relapse, like I went back to my old ways for a brief moment before I realized yet again that there wasn’t a joyful ending to it. Matthew 16:28 says “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it” I have always tried to fully understand what this passage means but now I think I’m getting a good grip. Giving my life to Christ for good meant giving up a lot of things that I loved, things that I thought I couldn’t live without. This is how I understand this passage-“Give up life, as you know It, for my sake, let go of your comforting sins and I will give you eternal life”

I say I had a relapse because I went back to my “comforting sins” those things you know are against the Law of God but you do them anyway because they make you feel better and you’re so used to it. Hmmn I thank God for His spirit for I couldn’t stop hearing the voice of God.  I felt depressed.

The journey to Christ really is deliberate and gradual. Right now I might be struggling with my emotions and all but I know it’s all part of my growing phase. So many of us have our struggles, I think the worst struggle is your emotions, which is why it’s wise to guard your heart in the first place, but God is above it all.

We go through these things because our future and destinies are so glorious that the devil tries so hard to truncate it. There’s a saying that goes “you don’t throw rocks at a dry tree, you only throw rocks at a fruitful tree to get its fruits” that’s how it is with us! The devil constantly throws rocks so we fall and lose sight of our futures in Christ. But guess what! when you walk with God, the devil aint got nothing on you.

The worst mistake you can make is losing sight of what is really important for temporary pleasure. Part of our glorious future is not only in Heaven but even on this earth, do you know what God has planned for you on this earth? Is that little pleasure really worth giving up a great destiny for a mediocre one??? I have to remind myself constantly now that if I’m not careful I might not inherit God’s plans for my life. Fine you might think even if I go astray I can always come back to God, that’s the worst mistake. You make certain mistakes that are irreversible sometimes, God will take you back (if it’s not too late) but the destiny would be ruined. Look at Samson, Cain, even Judas, do you think they didn’t want repentance, don’t you think they also wanted God’s original plans for their lives to be fulfilled? But it was too late, their actions had eternal consequences. God forgave Samson but he still had a very tragic ending when he could have had a glorious end. Even Moses could not enter the promise land after he was forgiven by God.

That the same thing with us, we can sin and would think we can come back but even those little sins have DAMNING CONSEQUENCES.

I have good news though, the Holy spirit is steadily waiting for you, to take you to your eternal glory. I was talking to my friend recently and I was gisting him about how I feel so alone sometimes and he told me the Holy Spirit is mostly always lonely too that why can’t we kuku fellowship together since we’re both lonely lool. I realise that we push God last on our daily agenda when He yearns for us so much; James 4:5b says “The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously” hmmmn do you know what it means to yearn for someone or some
thing? The Advanced learner’s dictionary defines it as to desire strongly or persistently; to have a desire for something or someone who is not present.

Let’s not keep going back to sin and be having it at the back of our minds that there would always be redemption, yes there would be redemption for a while but what about your destiny? Reset your thinking and mind today, May God help us all!




2 thoughts on “Old Things Passed Away 2

  1. Nice post darle its like you read my mind cause i am struggling with this also cause i advice people and in my personal life i do the complete opposite lol


  2. The struggle with sin will persist when we rely on our own strength to overcome it. Leaning on Christ, total repentance by realizing and telling Him its by His Grace we can overcome, this will provide d strength to overcome totally.
    Nice post, Dale.


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