Lessons learnt from the “Exes”

Yess I know! What lessons could you possibly learn from a relationship that probably broke your heart or didn’t go as planned. Well, I have discovered that there’s always a lesson to be learnt from every mistake. I’ll rather see it as a lesson than to be sitting there in regret and be sulking. Advertisements

Falling for the wrong person

Have you ever fallen in love before? I used to consider myself as a hopeless romantic, thank God I’m not hopeless anymore. I used to feel everything deeply, if I love, I would love deeply and ultimately when the heartbreak begun I would feel that deeply as well.

Relentless Love

So I was listening to a song titled “Relentless love” by Hillsong (amazing singers!) which I had listened to a thousand times but the chorus particularly struck me this time. The chorus goes “your love is relentless”; that is God’s love; I decided to check the meaning of relentless. According to oxford dictionary relentless means … More Relentless Love