Relentless Love

So I was listening to a song titled “Relentless love” by Hillsong (amazing singers!) which I had listened to a thousand times but the chorus particularly struck me this time. The chorus goes “your love is relentless”; that is God’s love; I decided to check the meaning of relentless. According to oxford dictionary relentless means “UNCEASINGLY INTENSE”; the Advanced dictionary defines it as “NEVER-CEASING”.

Now when I listen to some Christian songs, I always know for sure that this is definately inspiration from God!! I listened to this song and I just knew that there must have been a deep revelation from God to this person. I know what it’s like to love and I know its intense, But to love relentlessly???

I consider a mother’s love as extra-ordinary but then I know for sure that there are some things a child would do to a mother that would make her give up on that child, but God is so passionately in love with you that He says even if a mother would forget her suckling child, He would never forget you.

Sometimes I sit back and cringe at all the things I do that hurt God but yet He hasn’t ceased the breath out of me.

“Your love is relentless” which means it doesn’t end no matter what…sigh. This excites and scares me at the same time; it means He feels everything we do to the extreme.

I can’t ever understand God; I can only understand parts of Him that He chooses to reveal but one thing I still haven’t fully comprehended is how He loves. Sometimes I feel devoid of His love (because I feel so undeserving of it) then somehow I’m reminded that His love never ends.

Next time you feel like crap, remember the creator of the universe, (the same universe making you feel like crap) is mindful of you. He’s so absorbed by you! Not even the Angels can take His attention away from you.

So guys I’m so sorry I haven’t been consistent in posting but I love writing from my heart and not under pressure; But I’m back and fully reloaded lol, so no more inconsistency (God help me).

Please I want to know that you guys are actually hearing what I’m writing (yes hearing!) so please and please I want to hear from you, drop comments, send me a message and let me know what you think. Thanks a lot for reading, I appreciate you a lot.



9 thoughts on “Relentless Love

  1. Great work dear! I could feel your heart and hear your voice in every word I read. Glory to God for the inspiration. Thanks to you dearie for heeding the call. More grace!


  2. As I read through, I’ve looked at every sentence with my life. Thank you so much for this write up. And I pray God continues to inspire you to share His love to others. I’ve received my WORD!


  3. As I read through, I’ve looked at every sentence with my life. Thank you so much for this write up. And I pray God continue to inspiring you to His love to others. I’ve received my WORD!


  4. Yaaass! Glad you’re back.
    God’s love is really intense, no matter how much we sin. Its the sin He detests, more reason why His grace and mercy shouldn’t be taken for granted.
    Beautifully written, girl.

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