Why cant I let go?


Why is it so hard sometimes to let go of those bad habits, relationships, attitudes that prevent us from moving forward? Most times we know for sure this isn’t good or healthy for us but we still continue in it anyway. My experience was that I was sooo comfortable, I could not imagine living without it.

Well I have learnt the devil would not tempt you with something that doesn’t feel good. For so long I struggled with letting go, I would leave, then go back, then leave, till finally, I forced myself to see the ugly side of what I was doing. We often try to paint our guilty pleasures with kind words. If it’s a relationship “but I love her/him so much”, if it’s an attitude “but this is who I am” but how can we love a person and not love God? yes! because if we love Him we would understand His love requires sacrifice, and how can we love God but our actions don’t reflect this?


YES BOO! gotta let go to move forward


Everyone wonders why Samson, in the Bible, kept going back to Delilah, Judges 16. I used to wonder as well till I realised I was doing the exact same thing. It was so obvious that Delilah was setting him up but he never left, it’s almost ridiculous to think about not letting go of that thing that wanted to destroy him badly. The funny (well not funny) is that we do the exact same thing as Samson, we hold on to that poison that kills slowly. Going back to that sin/person is equivalent to destroying what we have with God. God finally let Samson go and he learnt his lesson but it was too late.

The Bible instructs us to flee from temptation, 2 Timothy 2:22 because God knows once we go into it, it’s really hard to come back out. The hurt that comes after letting go makes you feel like running back but if only you would let that hurt make you cry out to God, not just pray but actual tears and let Him know you choose Him over and over, He will come through. Now don’t just cry out and go back to the same routines, switch it up. Fill up your day with other things! Crowd your schedule even if its long walks or whatever, get used to living without it/her/him.

It’s a gradual process, and the urge to go back might be persistent but I promise if you call on God sincerely and determine wholeheartedly that you won’t go back regardless, you will surely get over it. And if that doesn’t work, you need deliverance, LOL joking.


I can’t prescribe a better cure than this!





2 thoughts on “Why cant I let go?

  1. sometimes its sentiments….we know its bad, heading nowhere, but sometimes we pity the other party, we fear what people wld say, wld they say am wicked? sentiments sometimes keep us from letting go and letting God.
    Good one miss…..the key is asking God before jumping into it……once you in, u cld be looked forever and miss God’s best.


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