I remember when I was younger and my first ever boyfriend and I broke up; I literally forced myself to shed a tear, lol. I listened to “try sleeping with a broken heart” by Alicia Keys just so I could feel something when honestly it didn’t really hurt. There’s always the expectation that you had to be heart broken when someone you loved (or thought you loved) left you. I know the heart cannot literally break but this is what is used to describe the feeling of getting hurt by someone you love. Sometimes, heartbreaks are inevitable, e.g. your family hurting you, but most times it’s completely avoidable. However, modern society has made it seem so necessary and acceptable.

Normally, the sane thing to do would be not to hurt each other but human beings can’t help it. It’s funny because most times the people that get heartbroken have broken other people’s hearts before. I know I was guilty of this. People call it karma but I call it life.

However, in my many years of experience, hehe, I realise that heartaches are totally preventable. Just don’t put your heart out there!! sounds simple enough doesn’t it? I heard a woman once say she decided she couldn’t fall in love with any man till he walked her down the aisle. I was confused! How could you not love someone you were going to get married to? But then she said she decided to never give her heart to any man till she was directed by God. I felt this made total sense but must have been so hard, but then I realised it’s actually not that hard.

Doesn’t have to get to this point

For instance, A typical love story is boy meets girl, they talk and talk and if there’s “chemistry” they keep talking and then something happens, either a relationship or situationship. But at the point when you realise this person isn’t who “I can spend my life with” or “Isn’t God’s plan for me”, why don’t you cut it off? This is always the first stage when you just start talking and you realise you might fall for this person. Instead of waiting around to “see where it goes” why don’t you save yourself the drama and just stop.

I would never preach what I don’t practice so I know it’s not impossible. I know naturally it’s normal to want to have that special person to talk to and spend time with, but the hurt is mostly greater than the pleasure you felt during. And since the pain comes after, why bother? It’s more logical to protect your heart now so you can open your heart completely to the right one. Getting heartbroken creates walls around the heart and sometimes makes people cold-hearted. They have gotten hurt so much, they can’t trust anyone anymore. This is no way to live.

God didn’t put us on earth to feel unnecessary pain or to hurt other people either (For those that break hearts, that’s a story for another day). So, next time you even have a tiny feeling you might fall for the wrong person…CUT IT OFF!

LOL! It’s never that serious nah






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