Live in the moment

Sigh this life is a wonder! The world changes everyday and we always have the choice to either catch-up or be left behind (become irrelevant). Honestly one of my biggest fears is getting old; I see old people and I wonder what they think of life now. The fact that they are so limited with what they accomplish is scary! both physically and mentally there’s only so much they can do. 

It’s almost like the world has left some of them behind, with technology advancement and what not. But then we can’t be young forever, we’ve got just this moment right now to make the most of our lives! it’s scary, the pressure to make or mar your life. Would you leave a memorable legacy or just another ordinary life? One thing I definitely do not plan on doing is living a basic life.


Lmao! Best advice!


It’s so true that everybody dies but not everybody lives. I recently noticed that it seemed like I was just going through the motion, not actually LIVING. It’s so easy to get distracted chasing that degree, that relationship, that problem, that you totally forget to wait and live truly. Time goes by so fast and we don’t realise. We keep chasing money and other things and before we realise we’re at that point where we can’t change anything. We need to stop and take in the present moment because it would never come again! This year I have decided it’s all about doing things outside my comfort zone, taking up extra-curricular activities and enjoying life so much more. When i’m old and grey, I want to smile at the awesome memories I had. I want to tell my great-grand kids how awesome my life was hehehe. And it starts now!

I strongly believe the best way to live life is by obeying your manufacturer. If God says “Go to a rural village in Nicaragua and wait for my instructions” I would jump at the offer because I have realised if I keep going in the opposite direction, I would keep wasting time and God would never force you to do His will no matter what.  His instructions are usually the ones that take you  out of your comfort zone completely!(trust me I know) so yes it’s hard to obey most times. But I promise you, that’s the only way to live a fulfilled life, that’s the only way to die happy, it’s the only way to live a life free of regrets.

Next time you hear that instruction that seems totally different from what you would do, but is completely in line with God’s word, please go for it! Most importantly, never ever forget to LIVE!


lol, no pressure




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