When Life knocks the Life out of you


lol or you could get back up


Lol literally! Or when you feel like life’s circumstances is trying to suck all your happiness, lol. I don’t know if everyone feels this way at some point but I most definitely do, more often than I would like. I always wonder about people that are always in the best moods regardless of what day it is. Frankly, I admire them a lot, no matter the circumstance, they’re always chippy. But apparently, everything is a decision, even being happy.

So, a couple of days ago, I was in a very weird mood, I didn’t even feel like leaving my house, I didn’t even go to class or work because I was in a mood that I just couldn’t explain how I got into. I couldn’t even explain why I was in the mood but it was a long way coming. Like I said in my last post, getting carried away, just going through the motions in life, really does drain a person. If you don’t consciously decide to LIVE, life’s circumstances would end up controlling you, not you controlling your life’s circumstances. And I think that’s what happened, I was just tired of the regular same old routines and I longed for so much more.

Although, I think it’s very important to always show up no matter how you feel, staying home didn’t make me feel better, if anything, it made me feel worse. Sometimes you just need to step out in faith regardless! Pray to your creator and trust His will. What comforts me is that everything is in phases, my friend said to me “This too shall pass” (don’t ask me what I’m expecting to pass lol) but the moody phases aren’t permanent. One thing that would be permanent is joy and happiness!

So yeah! From me (sitting in the library, writing this instead of reading) to you, if you’re going through a bumpy phase and you feel there’s nothing to be happy about, think about your glorious future and what awaits you, think about your goals and achieving them.  And always remember this too shall pass.


Can’t think of anything better to do



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