The “L” word


Love has to be one of the most used words in the world today. The meaning has however been watered down so much that people can’t tell if it’s true love or just a strong emotion bubbling up inside of them. There is, of course, different types of love, e,g.the one we have for our family and loved ones etc. But the one that fascinates me in the world today is the one in relationships.

I remember back then, you would meet someone and within a week, they tell you they love you; then when it all goes south suddenly the love disappears. I remember thinking to myself “if this is what love is I’m not sure it’s worth waiting for”. I used to find myself wanting to tell a person I loved them so quickly because I felt this incredible rush inside of me and I had “never felt that way about someone else”, but this same feeling I had never lasts longer than a couple of years. When I hear love, I imagine forever. We would love our families forever regardless, right? Why should it then be different when it comes to relationships? Why should you date someone “fall in love” and when something happens and you break up, you just all of a sudden stop loving them? Could that be classified as love?

I see it happen a lot!to me and around me. Almost like, I will love you until something goes wrong then I’ll take my love back. How about I choose to love you! regardless of what happens, I will love you! No human being is perfect, and we all have parts of us that is so hard to love which is why it takes more than “oh you make me feel some type of way” to sustain love, it’s a decision to love even the unlovable sides.


unconditional love


You choose to love people sometimes and other times it’s just infatuation driving the relationship. You might think it’s love but if you can’t stay with the person when you see the ugly side of them then it’s not love. Obviously, if the relationship is unhealthy, you gotta run away lol.But if it’s because you realise this person is not as perfect as you thought they were and so the emotions aren’t as strong anymore, then it was never love.

Love, at the end of the day is a choice and that’s why it’s so so important(I can’t emphasise this enough!) to choose who you love very carefully, because once you start loving them and it turns out they’re not meant for you, it takes God only to pull you back up. Love is the greatest gift you could ever give to someone. God is love, and you can’t love without Him being in the middle, which tells me love without Him isn’t love after all. All other loves are mediocre lol. I hope we learn to love truly and deeply and choose carefully who we would give this beautiful gift to forever.


love 1
The best kind of love!



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