I can’t live without you…

Yass! Except the Cabernet should be juice

For people that have been “in love”  or “fallen” so deeply for a person, this phrase would sound familiar. Have you ever been so into a person, you just felt like life would be completely awful and incomplete without them? well I’ve got news for you, life is not bad at all on the other side.

Before you met the person, you might have felt, life was just leading you to them but nah, life just wanted to use them to teach you a lesson. I heard a quote and it just resonates so much with me,

“some people are in your life for a season, while others are there forever”

the ones there for a season are to teach you lessons but apparently we mix them up with the “forever” category. I have loved people that I wasn’t meant to love deeply and when I realised, I found it almost impossible to let go. I remember thinking to myself “how would I survive?” “how would I cope?” I was so dependent and needy, I cant imagine how God must have felt with such thoughts running through my head.

I’ve always just loved the idea of the physical so much. I loved the hugs, the cuddles, the presence of a person, being there with me, but I never stopped to think that my physical body is just a component of my whole being. We’re spirit, soul and body but all I was concerned about was satisfying my needy flesh lol.


Now that I have discovered these things and now focused on God, I realise I survived after all. I’m not dead lol, life isn’t meaningless without this person I thought I couldn’t live without, life is even more beautiful and limitless. We’re INDIVIDUALS not USDIVIDUALS, we need to learn to embrace our own company and be our own best friends. Just my inner thoughts to you as always… learn to be your OWN self! attachment free! till you fall in love again lol…joking.

Yess we can!

2 thoughts on “I can’t live without you…

  1. Discovering yourself really is the best shot we have… when youve done that you will know ‘the other’ when it arrives; like the last piece of a puzzle.

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