dead, numb- not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive – Advanced English Dictionary

What has happened to humanity? How are we so comfortable seeing evil happen around us and still live life normally? Have we become so numb that we don’t even feel the need to do anything when we hear or see the unbearable things happening to fellow human beings? 

News has become so filled with death tolls or injured people and we have become so used to it that we don’t even flinch when we see them anymore. I know I feel numb sometimes, I have heard and seen so many unbearable things, it’s almost like I have become so used to them.

I recently watched a documentary titled “cries from Syria” I couldn’t believe these things actually happen to people, the level of evil faced by these people, including babies and children! suffering is an understatement of what these people are going through! but then we know all these things, don’t we? no matter how biased the media is, we know the extent of evil been perpetuated there but yet we say “how horrible” and move on with life. We’re able to move on with life like nothing happened.

I grew up seeing poverty all around me, wealth mixed with poverty. An air-conditioned expensive car driving through traffic while street hawkers, in brazing heat or pouring rain, children less than 10 years of age, weave between cars persuading people to buy their goods, if calculated in total wouldn’t be more than 5 dollars. But yet we’re okay with this, we’re so used to it we don’t feel the need to do anything about it, after all, it’s the government’s fault or that’s life. Like these children chose to live in poverty and like the government is not filled with people just as selfish as we have become.

Believe it or not, you did not come to life to live for yourself! Nothing was created to be selfish. We’re supposed to live to help each other. I salute the people who are making differences in other people’s lives, who refuse to be idle about this level of evil, who have gone beyond giving spare cash to beggars on the highway, who have decided to help in whatever little way they can. I don’t care what your life’s purpose or goal is! if it’s not going to help at least one other soul out there, it’s a selfish and useless dream!

I’m so tired of being numb, there’s no way Jesus would have just sat tweeting or retweeting about the evil happening in the world and still done nothing about it. No one is asking you to go to Syria, how about you start from where you are, how about using the resources you have? even if it’s your time. I refuse to be NUMB! I choose to act even if it’s one person I help, I’ll die happy.



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