The Love that never could be

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I’ve come to realise that sometimes in life there’s always that one person you always wished you could be with but somehow it couldn’t work out. I remember liking someone so much, but every time there was an opportunity, I sort of sabotaged it lol.

Other times, the universe just doesn’t let you be together. When everything seems just right…boom! Something happens and you’re back to square one. Ever loved someone so much that you just can’t stand the person? Yes, you love them so much your heart hurts but whenever you’re together, it’s from one argument to the next till you’re both exhausted.

Most times we’re scared of giving our all to this one person that “takes our breath away”. It’s almost ridiculous to feel so strongly about one person so you just try to hide it just in case the person doesn’t feel the same way but trust me, that’s torture.

However, the one thing I hate is the “what if” what if I had tried harder, what if I hadn’t sabotaged it? The regrets are the worst. Nonetheless, the same universe that somehow didn’t want you together has a way of bringing people together if you’re meant to be. I sincerely believe what will be, will be if you believe in God and trust in Him.

I remember finding it so hard to let go of my first major love because I honestly felt I sabotaged it and I could have tried harder. I was just desperate to know what it would have felt like to be with him and tell him everything I was feeling at the time but of course that never actually happened. Now that I look back I realise it was never meant to be because it wouldn’t have led anywhere.

Right now, it might feel like you would never find love like that anywhere but trust me in a few years or months (depending on how fast you are lol) you would look back only to realise it wasn’t that deep after all. So just chill, love freely and try not to sabotage any potentially great relationships hehe.


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