“It’s Complicated”


These days, relationships, dating, liking and loving all seem to be really complicated. With our generation, it’s like you have to hide everything! “I like this guy a lot but then I don’t want to text him too much, I’m gonna wait ten minutes before I reply so he doesn’t think I’m desperate”, “This babe is really cool but I’m not gonna text her often so she doesn’t take me for granted”. What’s wrong with people?! We have twisted this idea of feelings and dating so much that we don’t even know how to act anymore.

You like someone a lot but you can’t quite express it because you’re scared of the person not feeling the same way. Isn’t love about taking risks? hehe. I prefer the good old days when people were very expressive about how they felt about each other. It almost like going back to high school when you’re too scared to talk to your crush even when they like you then they start dating someone else so you die in silence lol.

Life is too short not to express how you feel. If you’re with your phone, text back immediately; pick up at the first ring, who cares? It’s your life, and your feelings shouldn’t be bottled up! The worst thing that could happen is they don’t feel the same but at least you know you expressed yourself completely instead of the “what if?”

Now women can’t slide into guys DMs but guys are allowed to? Errrr Both sexes should be able to slide into each other’s DMs lool. If you’re led by the Spirit to talk to that person, why not? (yes led by the Holy Spirit) I read somewhere, where a woman was led to go on an online dating site and now she’s married to a man she met there.

These days with social media and lack of privacy I can totally relate to why people would be scared to express themselves; ain’t nobody wanna end up as a screen shot message that people laugh at. But I still feel we need to get out there and tell that guy/girl you like them! and see where it goes from there. The person you’re scared will reject you might just be too shy to talk to you.

Obviously, this isn’t so we can get into sexual relationships or relationships not blessed by God. I believe so much that God is interested in every part of our lives and when it’s time, He would lead you to your spouse but if we let our pride or fear of humiliation get in the way, it could ruin it.

This 2017 (even though we’re halfway through already) make the decision to be real and authentic with yourself, you owe yourself that much. In the process of being what society deems as appropriate, people are losing themselves. Be yourself!!


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