My Escape

my escape 2

Located in my head, far ahead of my reality, this is the only place I find solace. Here I’m walking in purpose, being the best version of myself. I have overcome all the obstacles and I now have stories to tell.

Here I’m part of something big and there’s not one mediocre bone in my body. I’m living my best self, on the other side of everything I have always been afraid of.

Here I am everything I have always dreamed of and more. Every day is new, different and exciting. Here I am genuinely happy and at peace. The world is surmountable and there’s absolutely nothing I cannot achieve.

Here my thinking is on another level, I have truly grown and it reflects on my every being. Here there are no limits or restrictions. Everything I was afraid of was not real, here I have overcome every fear and come out on top.

Here I am known by the world for greatness, I am celebrated, I have met the greatest people and they respect and admire me. Here I am truly on top of my game and the world truly does seem like my oyster.

Now I realise there was no need to worry because I was going to be great no matter what. Now I pave the way for the next generation and the next. I show generations to come the path to patriotism and greatness.  I show them that truly there is nothing they cannot achieve as long as they think it and work it, as long as they stay on the path assigned to them by the Creator and they believe.

Here, I am my best self. Here is my mind, my imagination, my future.


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