Mediocre Love

mediocre love 1

Is it bad to crave a love so deep it gives you chills just thinking about it? Is it so wrong to want to be in love for the rest of your life and even eternity if possible? Is it insane to believe that pure, unrefined, untamable love exists; where no matter how ugly the person’s character gets, you just love them even more.

The kind of love that can’t hurt because hurting the person is like hurting yourself. Looking into the person’s eyes gives you hope that you can’t find anywhere else on earth. Where you look at the person and all you can see is how much God loves you. Where even when the penis doesn’t work like it used to and the breasts sag, you fall even more in love. The love where the older you get, the more attracted you are to the person. where you’re still making love at seventy, eighty, ninety, till death do you part.

I believe in a love that is so so deep, it’s overwhelming. Love that lasts forever and not just for the moment. 

So no I can’t settle for mediocre love, the one that just endures and doesn’t thrive. The one where you “have” to love the person because time isn’t your side and you have to settle down so you “settle”. 

Say no to mediocre love.

P.S- Guys! I also created a (goofy) video version of this post with my amazing friend, (S/O to Tobi!)   mediocre love video check it out guys! 😉


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