no rebound here

I know how you feel, in fact, I used to do the exact same thing. The way to get over one person is by being with another right? There’s probably no faster way to get over someone you once cared about than getting someone else to care about. However, I also realised going from one relationship to the next never solves the problem, if anything it leads to more heart aches and complications. Getting a rebound is a quick fix but it never lasts long and more often than not ends up hurting someone else.

I always question why we human beings sometimes feel the need to be with someone though, was it deposited in there by God? are we naturally supposed to long for love? well not all human beings feel the need to be loved or some suppress it but most people want to love and want to be loved as well. This is all good,  but it becomes a problem when we feel inadequate without it.

Relationships are beautiful and all but it’s not a necessity. No one would die if they were single, in fact, Jesus said if a person could handle it then they could be single forever, Matthew 19:11-12 (I’m paraphrasing but you get the point). As much as God established the institution of marriage, He did not create everyone to be inadequate unless they found their soulmate.

Some blessings are reserved for marriage but it becomes a problem when all the person looks forward to is a relationship and a life with another person. We’re all INDIVIDUALS and we were created to dominate the earth and enjoy the beauty it beholds.

Sometimes it almost feels like we’re waiting for our soulmates so we can live when we’re supposed to be living to the fullest right now. I used to daydream about all the things I would do when I’m married, all the adventures and bla bla bla. However, now that I realise marriage isn’t even compulsory, I know now it’s okay to take those gigantic steps in life with God alone (like skydiving lol). It’s amazing to know that I could literally decide that I don’t want to get married and live for God only, just like the apostles, and still live the most fulfilled life.

Being with someone is really beautiful but could be a curse if that’s all we long for and live for. So the next time someone breaks your heart (let’s hope never again) for once take a deep breath and decide not to jump into the next relationship just to fill that “void”. Look inwards and discover all the beauty you have inside of you!


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