Cheating on “the one”


Is it possible to have feelings for more than one individual?? Can someone have feelings for more than one person?? And when I say feelings I don’t mean just sexual attraction, I’m talking about real likeness for the individual’s personality and what not. If you’re in love can you still like someone else?? Does it mean anything when you’re in love but yet you find yourself falling for some other person? So many questions, so little time.

Life can sometimes be complicated. You meet someone, fall in love, the person is basically perfect for you and you’re pretty sure you’ll spend your life with them, then suddenly you meet someone else and you start falling for the person. How? why would you fall for someone else whilst you’re in love with another? Some people would say it means you don’t love the other person but this isn’t true.

Well, love is a commitment and a decision. Love isn’t just about “feelings” it’s a decision to love the person regardless because like it or not there’s always going to be someone finer, hotter, smarter than the person you’re with. Regardless of if you have been together for so long, it’s possible to start liking someone else. The question is what would you do if this happens?

The first thing that would come to mind is exploring this new set of feelings and taking pride in yourself that nothing can happen, but obviously, this never ends well. I used to believe once you meet “the one” nothing else can happen, that you would only feel any sort of attraction for that one person forever. Yes, this is possible but only if we’re honest with ourselves and take precautions. It is very likely that you would feel attracted to other people even after meeting the one you would spend your life with.

The thing is instead of waiting around to see what happens next, it’s best to cut the person off or reduce contact to the barest minimum. There’s a reason the Bible says “flee from temptation” thank God He always gives us a way out when we’re in these situations. Some married people would say “I wish I met this other person earlier before I got married” but I promise you that even if you married this new great person you would still meet someone better you would like.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet, all unique and great in their own way, so if you think you would never meet someone else that seems better than what you have, you’re mistaken. Which is why love is more than emotions, it’s a commitment to love and be faithful to just that one person. You can never ever do this on your own, regardless of if you’re holier than thou. The moment you tell God you can’t do it by yourself is the moment you can through Christ.



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