I know how you feel, in fact, I used to do the exact same thing. The way to get over one person is by being with another right? There’s probably no faster way to get over someone you once cared about than getting someone else to care about.

Mediocre Love

Is it bad to crave a love so deep it gives you chills just thinking about it? Is it so wrong to want to be in love for the rest of your life and even eternity if possible? Is it insane to believe that pure, unrefined, untamable love exists; where no matter how ugly the … More Mediocre Love

The “L” word

  Love has to be one of the most used words in the world today. The meaning has however been watered down so much that people can’t tell if it’s true love or just a strong emotion bubbling up inside of them. There is, of course, different types of love, e,g.the one we have for … More The “L” word