The “L” word

  Love has to be one of the most used words in the world today. The meaning has however been watered down so much that people can’t tell if it’s true love or just a strong emotion bubbling up inside of them. There is, of course, different types of love, e,g.the one we have for … More The “L” word


I remember when I was younger and my first ever boyfriend and I broke up; I literally forced myself to shed a tear, lol. I listened to “try sleeping with a broken heart” by Alicia Keys just so I could feel something when honestly it didn’t really hurt. There’s always the expectation that you had … More Heartbreak?

Why cant I let go?

Why is it so hard sometimes to let go of those bad habits, relationships, attitudes that prevent us from moving forward? Most times we know for sure this isn’t good or healthy for us but we still continue in it anyway. My experience was that I was sooo comfortable, I could not imagine living without it.


Yes! Let’s talk about all those complicated relationships that we just can’t define. The one where you’re not sure where you stand, where you’re waiting for the other person (mostly the guy) to define what exactly you two are.

A not so typical love story

J- I love you…there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you M– Hmmn… I love you too…ish. I love you but I’ll cheat on you because sometimes I just think you dying for me isn’t enough. So I would rather go for something that feels good right now rather than eternal joy…yeah that makes sense